Dec 05

Book notes: Hardball

Hardball: Are You Playing to Play or Playing to Win.
Read this book if you want to find out what happened to free Eagle peanuts on airplanes.

Dec 05

Another Google free proxy – Google Hack

Bigthisle comments on how to use Google’s translation service as a free proxy: Google free proxy!

Another method is to use Google’s mobile phone gateway and compressor. The page format is lost, but the content maintained:

(insert your own URL after the u parameter)

See Bigthisles’ post on Google Mobile:

Dec 05

Google 2006 prediction: Google launches a unified approach to RSS subscriptions

Gmail: Help Center – What is ‘Web Clips’?

What happened to focus? Google just announced a fourth way to subscribe to RSS feeds. This comes on top of the ability to customize Google News (cookie based), to customize the Google home page (based on google login ), and the Google Reader (based on google login also).

These are all great things, but why on earth offer four different ways to subscribe to content, and have none connected to the other? I’m sure there’s a project hidden, somewhere – hence the prediction: In 2006, Google will launch a unified approach to subscribe to content, based on google login but independent of the four ways to access that content on Google.

Or at least one would hope…

Dec 05

Windows Live Local – Nice product, Mr Gates

Windows Live Local Offers a New View

The new Windows Live Local Bird’s eye view feature is truly a winner product. This is truly an area where Microsoft is taking the technological lead and besting Google. To prove it, check out Bill Gates’ home on Windows Live Local: Continue reading →