May 07

Apple iTunes Plus still missing international purchases

Apple Launches iTunes Plus

Apple’s iTunes launch of DRM-free purchases has bee rightly heralded as a happy jingle. However, Apple still misses the mark and a golden opportunity with international purchases.

As the holder of a US-based iTunes account, I can visit, but not purchase from, the iTunes store in France. I understand that, with different prices and agreements across the ocean, Apple wants to prevent cross-country arbitrage, but it’s beyond me why I can’t buy a tune from iTunes France when it’s not offered at all in the US.

Apple, give us an “Export” option! Make money in the process.

May 07

"Whoadmitsyou.com" Social Virus

Link to Msn Messenger status detector. We will tell you who blocked your msn account

Google Cache:

This questionable service – finding out who has blocked and deleted you in MSN is either:

  1. a social VIRUS, preying on your deepest wish to find out who doesn’t like you
  2. a phishing scam,
  3. a hacking exploit into MSN
  4. a reverse My Space – to find out “who doesn’t like me”
  5. all of the above.

Don’t trust it!

May 07

Microsoft Announcing Windows Live Mail

Link to Windows Live Mail: Announcing the Upcoming Windows Live Mail!

Microsoft has cleaned up its free mail client approach and is merging the best of Outlook Express, Windows Mail and the Windows Live Mail Desktop.

and: no ads! (at least no banner ads)