My Swiss chalet treehouse – Inspiration and Sketches

I wanted to document my Swiss chalet treehouse for a few friends that have expressed interest in the project. I’ve thought for several years about building a treehouse, a shed, or both, in my backyard. The kids had heard this so many times they were treating it like another castle in Spain. And yet, this year was the year, and the treehouse (with shed-like storage) is standing proudly in the backyard.


I followed a lot of searches to find a number of chalets of all sizes to get ideas on proportions and details. Some of the noteworthy ones:

Rustic; Fantastic; Bucolic; Commercial; Nice Kit; My brother’s fiancée’s family chalet

Early Sketches

Based on these inspirations, I drew a few sketches. I had 10 ft of total height to work with, 12 of depth and 7 in width. I wanted the roof pitch and overhang to match the Swiss types, and some of the final touches to highlight Swissness (balcony, flowers)


In the next post: construction

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