Dec 09

Google Predictions 2010

My Gmail predictions for 2009 failed miserably. I may have been guilty of wishful thinking.

So, continuing on the theme of wishful thinking, here are my 2010 predictions:

  • Google Library: the Google Books project will be expanded to allow for book rental, with appropriate payments to the copyright holders. This will not only give access to hard to find books across borders, but will also make this access reasonably priced.
  • Google Europe will move to Switzerland to further optimize taxes
  • Google Voice will introduce European numbers and make my life easier

Happy New Year!

Dec 09

Merry Christmas

Enough said.


PS> this blog is re-starting. But some of the pictures are missing because I did not archive them properly.

Dec 09

How many pizza joints does 98004 need?

Pizza in 980042010 will be remembered as the year of the “great pizza war” for downtown Bellevue. Already well supplied in pizza delivery/restaurants, newcomers are vying to feed the round red objects to the new condo and office dwellers.

Zeek’s is peparing to displace Nature’s Pantry on 10th, and I just saw another pepperoni palace going up on Bellevue Way.

I anticipate some fine discounts in 2010…  hopefully they will all join the gluten-free bandwagon.