Dec 10

Joyeux Noel word lovers


A merry Christmas to all, and I wanted to share with you the Wordle analysis of the Christmas Carol. This is a great tool for business use also if you have to visualize a lot of text for a slide.

Dec 10

A story about telling stories with presentations

For those of you who took my class on presentations and PPT, here’s a new resources to refresh some of the ideas we covered: The Presentation (the book).

Aug 08

Demonstrating brand decline with Google Insights for Search – Treo Example

Google’s Insight for Search is going to be my favorite research tool. Take, for example, a search for the word “Treo”: http://google.com/insights/search/#cat=&q=treo&geo=US&date=&clp=&cmpt=q

The Treo peaked in 2005, and is currently experiencing a small revival.

You can also demonstrate cycles, such as this search for “christmas Cookies recipe”: http://google.com/insights/search/#cat=&q=Christmas%20cookies%20recipe&geo=US&date=&clp=&cmpt=q

I just found a huge analyst cookie jar…

Jun 07

With new player, Real adopts software model of company it had threatened 7 years earlier (Streambox)

New RealPlayer Instantly Downloads Online Video — www.RealPlayer.com

The new RealPlayer has sparked all kinds of deep copyright discussions, but the irony I note in this launch is the similarity of this new capability with that of the StreamBox Ripper. StreamBox Ripper was a product that allowed for the saving of – among others – RealAudio streams. Real threatened Streambox and Streambox backed down, in an early application of DMCA.

That said, RealPlayer was due for an overhaul.

May 07

Apple iTunes Plus still missing international purchases

Apple Launches iTunes Plus

Apple’s iTunes launch of DRM-free purchases has bee rightly heralded as a happy jingle. However, Apple still misses the mark and a golden opportunity with international purchases.

As the holder of a US-based iTunes account, I can visit, but not purchase from, the iTunes store in France. I understand that, with different prices and agreements across the ocean, Apple wants to prevent cross-country arbitrage, but it’s beyond me why I can’t buy a tune from iTunes France when it’s not offered at all in the US.

Apple, give us an “Export” option! Make money in the process.

May 07

Microsoft Announcing Windows Live Mail

Link to Windows Live Mail: Announcing the Upcoming Windows Live Mail!

Microsoft has cleaned up its free mail client approach and is merging the best of Outlook Express, Windows Mail and the Windows Live Mail Desktop.

and: no ads! (at least no banner ads)

Nov 06

Deeper, Juicer Analytics

The good folks at Juice Analytics maintain a blog rich with analytical hints and tips.

See for instance the “Top Resources for Analysts: Excel, Data Analysis and Business Intelligence, and Charting, Visualization and Presentation

Oct 06

Pivot Tables

Any analyst who doesn’t know about Pivot Tables in Excel is either wasting time or charging their customer for useless time. Pivot tables are essential to quickly summarize data in Excel. They are the reporting equivalent of “back-of-the-envelope” calculations, but can also be used for long-term reports. Microsoft offers various tutorials on Pivot Tables, I recommend this one.

Oct 06

Analyzing folder contents using Firefox and Excel

When a quick analysis of the contents of a Windows folder is necessary, navigate to that folder using Firefox. Firefox will show an html page with a directory index.

Copy the page content into Excel, and the data can then be manipulated, for instance sorted by date or included in a Pivot Table.

The same can be done from a list of e-mails in Outlook to Excel.

Oct 06

Quick process modeling reference


Provides a great simple reference to process modeling with key themes and examples. The specialist can dig deeper into UML, and the beginner can quickly grasp essential concepts.