Jan 06

Google discovers the delete button


Finally, Google acknowledges that even with constantly growing storage, there are e-mails that are obviously not worth keeping, and we can now delete them easily.

Delete button

Thank you!

Jan 06

Google’s Pack

Google’s just given me an extra 6 months of Norton, so I gladly installed the Google Pack, since most of its contents were already on my computers. The more puzzling is the screen saver – unless I’m mistaken, there isn’t anything here that’s earth shattering. I wish for a strong integration with Picasa.

Dec 05

Another Google free proxy – Google Hack

Bigthisle comments on how to use Google’s translation service as a free proxy: Google free proxy!

Another method is to use Google’s mobile phone gateway and compressor. The page format is lost, but the content maintained:

(insert your own URL after the u parameter)

See Bigthisles’ post on Google Mobile:

Dec 05

Google 2006 prediction: Google launches a unified approach to RSS subscriptions

Gmail: Help Center – What is ‘Web Clips’?

What happened to focus? Google just announced a fourth way to subscribe to RSS feeds. This comes on top of the ability to customize Google News (cookie based), to customize the Google home page (based on google login ), and the Google Reader (based on google login also).

These are all great things, but why on earth offer four different ways to subscribe to content, and have none connected to the other? I’m sure there’s a project hidden, somewhere – hence the prediction: In 2006, Google will launch a unified approach to subscribe to content, based on google login but independent of the four ways to access that content on Google.

Or at least one would hope…

Dec 05

Windows Live Local – Nice product, Mr Gates

Windows Live Local Offers a New View

The new Windows Live Local Bird’s eye view feature is truly a winner product. This is truly an area where Microsoft is taking the technological lead and besting Google. To prove it, check out Bill Gates’ home on Windows Live Local: Continue reading →

Nov 05

How does Google succeed where others have failed?

Who remembers Sidewalk, Microsoft’s local venture? Sidewalk was one of many business ventures within MSN (alongside Expedia, which fared better). Sidewalk was folded and sold in 1999.
Today, MSN Sidewalk is back, of sorts, in a Google or Amazon sort of way. Continue reading →

Nov 05

Why do so-called Web 2.0 sites all look like they came from the same style class?

Why do so-called Web 2.0 sites all look like they came from the same style school? This came to mind as I was reviewing some of the entries in the Solutionwatch blog.

The evidence:

1. Zurpy
2. Flock
3. Ning
4. del.icio.us
5. Flickr
6. Even Microsoft…

My top candidate reasons:

1. All Web 2.0 sites/projects/users are controlled by Google, and they’re all using the style sheet they get from the mother ship
2. Allright, Microsoft doesn’t belong to Google yet, so all these other sites are run by great developers with bright ideas, but are too cheap to hire a designer, so they just copy each other.
3. We’re headed for a world where everything is so meshed-up that sites become indistinguishable and blandness rules the day.

What do you think?