Sep 11

Wow. Amazon meets Simple Magazine – two columns!

Dec 10

Joyeux Noel word lovers


A merry Christmas to all, and I wanted to share with you the Wordle analysis of the Christmas Carol. This is a great tool for business use also if you have to visualize a lot of text for a slide.

Sep 10

Wow, Blio launches

Better late than never, Blio, a free ebook software package, has launched with, well, 6 months late. I look forward to reviewing.

(Updated). Well, never mind. Blio is all eye candy and commerce – but this thing can’t even open a txt book on my hard drive. Uninstall, quick…

Mar 10

Waiting for ebooks

Let’s count the ways we have to wait for a better tomorrow on ebooks:
1. First the iPad, of course. But the wait is almost over, they tell us.
2. Then there’s Blio Reader (software), which went into radio silence after CES. They’ve been “coming soon” since then… we’re still waiting.
3. Barnes & Noble, not to be outdone, let us and their investors know that they wouldn’t miss the iPad train and would launch their app. Soon.
4. Finally, Amazon pre-announced their Kindle for Tablet, any tablet as long as you can touch it. Very soon.

B&N, Blio and Amazon have found themselves forced to react to the iPad ebook business model, and demonstrate how their own business model would survive the iPad onslaught. But for the moment, all these announcements feel a lot like vaporware – or is it ebookware?

Oct 09

Picasa Faces and American Girl, Lego Minifigs

Picasa’s latest face recognition feature is so good at finding mouse/nose/eyes combinations it even picked out my girls’ American Girl lovely doll faces, and a few Lego Minifigs: